Although my intention was to focus on the latest smart phone every now and again a product comes along that is worth a review, In this case it’s a smart watch/sports tracker with integrated Bluetooth headphones from LEMFO a Chinese smart watch manufacture. Christmas is only a few weeks away and I think this product would make an ideal gift for the smart phone user or sports person in your family.

If you are looking for a gift for the smart phone user in the family, you must get this crazy 3 in 1 smart watch.

This product combines the smart watch, the fitness tracker and the rechargeable wireless headphones into one smart compact device, a device that looks booth cool on your wrist and offers a huge range of features.

Smart Watch

A smart watch is a wrist mounted device that offers the functions of a standard watch, Displaying the time and date. But also links to your smart phone via Bluetooth and an app you need to down load before use. Once the smart watch is paired to your phone it offers a number of additional features beyond that of a normal wrist watch.

The smart watch will alert you to any missed calls or text messages, and if you sync the device to your social media apps (Facebook, twitter etc) the watch will vibrate to alert you to any new messages

This device also allows the remote operation of your phone camera, allowing remote access to your camera within Bluetooth range.

The device features a 0.96″ TFT display, with a high brightness level so visibility in sunlight is good. I found the display to be a little small but for most users I think the size is about correct.

Fitness Tracker

When in Fitness Tracker mode this device offers the following range of functions.

  • Pedometer (step tracker)
  • Calories
  • Blood Oxygen levels
  • Blood Presure
  • Heart rate
  • Distance tracker in miles or km

When in fitness tracker mode all this data is displayed clearly on the TFT display. You can use the tracker to sync this data to your smart phone for use in various sport and fitness apps or use the devices own app for storing and analyzing your data.

The app required to operate the Fitness tracker is called “Dafit”, you will need to download this app onto your smartphone before the device can be paired to your phone the app can be found in the google play store or downloaded as an apk file.

Cordless ear buds

The smart watch contains two wireless Bluetooth earbuds that operate using the latest 5.0 Bluetooth standard, allowing a maximum operating range of 30 meters. In real world use the actual range achieved is more like 5 – 10 meters, any greater distance and the link between your phone and the headphones is unstable and will regularly drop out.

The earbuds offer a 35mAh rechargeable battery, although depended on factors like volume level and distance from your mobile phone audio playback should be 3 – 6 hours before recharging. The watch it`s self has a 160mAh battery that will run the watch for 7 to 15 days, this is reduced when the earbuds are recharged using the watches’ battery. Recharge time for the earbuds takes around 2 hours and a USB type recharging cable is included with the watch.

The earbuds are small and compact and my not offer a comfortable fit for all ear types, I would advise if you find the earbud style headphones in either cordless or corded are uncomfortable than this may not be the product for you.

That said the earbuds offer above average volume and look much neater when fitted than many other wireless headphone brands.

Design and Construction

The build quality is good with the connection between the smart watch and wrist band feeling strong and durable. The display is plastic so caution should be taken not to scratch it during your daily activities, unlike most mobile phone there is no Gorilla glass here to protect the screen.

For those of us with larger wrists the strap can be a little tight, so grab a tape measure and just check that it will fit using the images above. Make sure your wrist is no greater than 26cm around before purchase, it`s a shame to find your nice new device will fit your wrist.

When stored within the smart watch the earbuds fit in with a nice click and never feel like they will fall out, to remove simply push in to release and pull clear of the watch Bluetooth pairing will happen automatically.

Is it worth buying.

The current price of the LEMFO LT04 smart watch is £47.10 plus any import charges. For this you get 3 devices in 1, smart watch, fitness tracker and wireless headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 support.

The device is not perfect though and suffers from a number of small problems. The earbuds are a little small for some ears, the rechargeable battery in the earbuds could be larger and the strap could be a little longer. It should also be noted that the smart watch is sweat proof but not waterproof (so no swimming with it on) But these are minor complaints, most people will find this device a great addition to there mobile life style.

When you consider all the different functions offered by this device £47.10 is a great price for such a “cool” product, I am certainly happy to have the LEMFO LT04 on my wrist.

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