To many in the West the Xiaomi brand has little meaning, in fact the brand has either no presence or a mostly small online presence in western markets. This is changing though as the Chinese Giant is targeting certain markets in the west for rapid and aggressive expansion.

If the Xiaomi brand is often referred to as the “Chinese apple”. The company currently occupies the 5th or 6th ( depending on figures) place globally in number of phones manufactured. Xiaomi are a true giant, manufacturing everything from phones to laptops.

Unlike Apple Xiaomi`s business model centers around thin margins, allowing the brand to sell the latest technology at prices that seriously under cut Apple ( and most other brands). If Xiaomi`s products aren’t cheap enough they also operate a sub brand called Redmi, positioned at even lower price points. Redmi products are sold mostly in China and India, when their products are released in the west it carries the Xiaomi brand name.

One such phone is the Redmi K20 Pro or as its known in the west, the Xiaomi Mi 9T pro.

A true Xiaomi flagship killer…

So much technology, for so little money

Currently no one talks about flagship killers without mentioning the MI 9T pro. Xiaomi`s flagship killer seems to offer it all, top end spec at a highly desirable price. In fact the phone has been so popular its price has continued to fall over the last six months since its release, its position as the number one flagship killer has only increased.

Before the MI 9T pro most manufactures would charge well over £500 for a phone of this spec, but the Xiaomi flagship beater has pushed the price on this type of phone down to £400 or even less. The only manufacture able to responded so far has been Xiaomi`s great rival Realme.

It should noted be here that Xiaomi also manufacture a lower spec model called the MI 9t (or Redmi K20). Although still a good mobile phone this model lacks the flagship killer spec of the “Pro” models.

If your looking for an extra special price on this phone the 6gb/64gb model is on offer for well under £300.

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Display and Processor

First up the phone has a 6.39″ Samsung Amoled display offering a FHD+ resolution, as covered before Amoled displays offer deeper blacks and better colors than standard IPS LCD displays. All top end phones now ship with Amoled displays, the extra brightness they offer increases a phones performance outside in bright daylight.

The Mi 9T pro also ships with the snapdragon 855 processors, until recently the fastest mobile processor you can fit inside a phone. The 855 offers more than enough power for the average user, and allows even processor hungry gamers to play the latest games at full graphics settings

One of the areas the MI 9t pro has set new standards is the appearance of the phone. Coming in a stunning flame red, translucent blue and deep black encased in gorilla glass 5 this mobile has a high end look and finish.

Camera with a Difference

The MI 9T pro features a 20MP pop up selfie camera that removes the need for a notch on the Amoled display. Until this phone was released the motorized pop up camera feature was limited to the most expensive of phone brands.

Security on the MI9T pro is handled by an under screen finger print scanner, the scanner is quick and responsive more than good enough for this price band of phone.

The main camera features a triple lens setup, 48MP main camera, 13MP wide angle and 8MP macro lens. Currently the MI 9T pro sits in 15th place on dxomark camera performance ratings, all phones rated above it cost much more to purchase confirming the phones place as the value for money king.

Sadly the Mi9T pro does not offer a SD card slot, so expanding the memory is not an option. The phone ships with 3 internal storage options 64gb/128gb/256gb, due to the lack of SD expansion I would recommend the 128gb or 256gb options.

As is common now the phone is fitted with Bluetooth v5.0 but sadly lacks a 3.5mm headphone socket, so wireless headphones are required here.

Battery and Software

The MI 9T Pro is fitted with a decent 4000mAh battery with 27w fast charging, but lacks wireless charging options ( not much of a problem in my opinion).

The software is a skinned version of android 9, although not universally liked I find Xiaomi`s software to crammed with customization options and handy features if you spend the time to learn them. Xiaomi regularly offers software updates to the phones to improve battery life and camera performance. An update to android 10 should be with us very soon.

For those that like to pay using their phone the MI 9T Pro offers NFC compatible with all wireless payment providers.

For those that are interested its also worth installing opencam or gcam on to the MI 9T pro, reports indicate that the performance of the camera can be improved by using these great camera apps.


At its current price what’s not to like about the MI 9T pro, it has all the features the everyday user could ever want. It’s lightning fast, has a great display and houses a great camera setup.

It’s not a surprise that the MI 9T pro is a mega seller around the world, here in the UK the 6gb+128gb model is selling on Xiaomi`s European website for £399. Although this is a good dea,l you can purchase the same phone from Hong Kong or Chinese mainland suppliers for £299 equivalent, even with 20% import taxes this is still a hefty saving on a great flagship killer phone.

Just to improve the offering even more, Xiaomi has released a MI 9T Pro + model featuring an upgrade to the latest 855+ snapdragon processor. The 855+ offers a 15% increase in speed and performance with a 512gb memory option. In my opinion this upgrade is unrequired, pushing the price of the phone towards £500 pounds and into a price segment ocupied by other, better phones.


If your looking for an extra special price on this phone the 6gb/64gb model is on offer for well under £350.


If you don’t need the power the MI 9T model without the snapdragon 855 (uses the snapdragon 730) is currently priced at £285



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