Today I am going to review not one but two phones from the Chinese brand Oneplus . A few years ago Oneplus painted its self as the original flagship killer brand, the company produced phones with great spec and targeted them at lower prices than the brand leaders Samsung and Apple.

This business model was successful for a while until Oneplus  began to raise its prices and other brands (realme, Xiaomi and others) started to target Oneplus 1 and under cut them. The brand was no longer the champion of the mid range phone buyer and ironically become known as a top end Brand no longer offering flagship killer devices.

With the release of the new Oneplus 7t and 7t pro the company hopes to address this issue and return to its position as the value king of smartphones.

7t and 7t pro

when released it was clear that the 7t was targeted at the segment of the market Oneplus forgot with its last range of phones, those that required a phone offering top end spec at an affordable price. While its big brother was targeted at those with deeper wallets seeking the full on flagship experience.

Here are the specification of the 7t and the 7t pro

DISPLAY 7T / 6.55 inch AMOLED 90hz with HDR10

DISPLAY 7t pro / 6.67 inch AMOLED 90hz with HDR10

PROCESSOR 7T / snap dragon 855+

PROCESSOR 7t pro / snap dragon 855+

REAR CAMERA 7T / triple layout 48MP+12MP+16MP

REAR CAMERA 7t pro / triple layout 48MP+8MP+16MP

FRONT CAMERA 7T / 16MP notch camera

FRONT CAMERA 7t pro / 16MP pop up camera

MEMORY 7T / 8gb & 128gb or 8gb & 256gb

MEMORY 7t pro / 8gb & 256gb

BATTERY 7T / 3800mAh with warp charging

BATTERY 7t pro / 4080mAh with warp charging

SOFTWARE 7T / OXYGEN 10 based on Android 10

SOFTWARE 7t pro / OXYGEN 10 based on Android 10

  • Neither phone is fitted with a headphone socket, Both phones feature stereo speakers with Dolby sound

The main difference between the phones are the screen size and the battery capacity. With the pro model offering a pop up front camera it has a notch less clean display while the 7T has to offer its front camera through a small on screen notch.


Oneplus use only the best displays on 7 series phones, the screens are AMOLED and offer beautiful bold and vibrant colours even in sun light. But unlike many displays both models offer 90hz fresh rates, this allows flicker free and smooth scrolling of the screen during operation. Believe me its hard to go back to the standard 60hz displays once you grow accustomed to smoothness of a 90hz display.

The only other phone I have reviewed this year that comes close to the 7 series for quality of display is the Realme x2 pro. This comes as no surprise due to Realme and Oneplus being sister brands, I am sure displays are sourced from the same parts bin.

Although slightly smaller the 7T feels slightly more comfortable in the hand than its larger brother, although with its good design the 7t pro never feels over large and bulky like some other large screen phones.

The displays on both phones all so offer HDR10+, allowing for deeper blacks and more vibrant colours on games and video that supports this format.


Apart from the pop up selfie camera offered on the 7t pro both devices offer the same camera layout. Although no longer boasting the highest number of mega pixels the 48MP camera gives quality images in both good light and low light conditions. Video is offered up to 4k at 60fps with results being good but again not industry leading.

Oneplus are currently rolling out a software up date that improves the camera performance on both phones. This improvement in camera performance allows the 7T to offer images as good as any phone at its price point but the more expensive 7t pro still feels a little behind other mobile phones in its price Segment.

Battery & Charging

Both phones offer good battery capacity, with the more expensive 7t pro offering slightly more with its 4080mAh battery. Like the cameras the battery performance is good but not market leading, although the excellent warp charging system allows for rapid recharging (70% in 30 mins) on both models.

The warp charge feature give the Oneplus phones an advantage over many other models on the market, again its the cheaper 7T that gains the most as many phones that it competes against in its segment of the market do not offer battery charging at this speed.


Most Chinese brands offer a skinned or modified version of Android on their phones. The skinned version of Android offered by Oneplus is called Oxygen OS, and is based on Android 10.

Without a doubt Oxygen OS is the best of these Chinese Android Skins ( in my opinion ) , Oxygen takes stock Android and improves it every way. Oxygen is clean and smooth, offering lots of customization without bloating the operating system with unnecessary features and software.

Unlike many manufactures Oneplus issue regular updates to their software keeping your phone up to date` for at least three years after purchase. And unlike Huawei Oneplus are not blocked from shipping their phones with a full range of Google apps pre loaded on the phones.


Both phones offered from Oneplus ship with under screen finger print unlock and face unlock using the front camera. Both security measures are rapid in their operation although some other models currently available do unlock faster its not going to trouble the average user.


Both phones have stereo speakers offering quality sound with good volume and good clean charity. Phones such as the Realme x2 pro offer louder volume but fail to offer the clarity of the Oneplus Models, Certainly the 7T offers the best sound of any mobile in its price segment.

Sadly Oneplus has chosen not to fit either phone with a headphone socket making the user require Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. Although wireless headphones are improving all the time it would still be nice to be offered the option of using wired headphones if desired. The lack of a headphone socket gives phones such as the Realme x2 pro an advantage and strong selling point over both Oneplus models.


Both Oneplus models offer an excellent phone experience, the signal reception is good and the mic quality is well above average, sound from the speakers is strong and clear ( helped by its stereo layout ).


Currently Oneplus is offering the 7T at £549 direct and the 7t pro for £699 direct Iff you navigate over to Amazon UK the prices are mostly the same, other major UK based retailers are offering the phones at roughly the same prices.

If we check out the prices offered from Importers its clear to see saving can be found on these great phones, My friends at Giztop are offering both models from their European warehouse ( remember no taxes ) for the these excellent prices….

Oneplus 7t 8gb/128gb £346 + shipping ( just click to buy)

Oneplus 7t 8gb/256gb £369 + shipping (just click to buy)

Oneplus 7T pro 8gb/256gb £539 + shipping (just click to buy)

I think its clear that purchasing your new Oneplus phone from the European based warehouse offers huge savings on these great phones. In fact I would go as far to say that at these low prices the Oneplus 7T and 7t pro are some of the best phones released this year, Both models are in the running for my must buy phone of 2019.

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