Welcome friends, its been a month since my last post, January has been busy for me with other projects to deal with. But with spring around the corner I am back, once again bring you news and reviews on the best deals on new smartphones from around the world in 2020.

To be honest January is the quietest month of the year in smart phone land, news and deals are thin on the ground as Chinese new year slows commercial activity in china to a crawl until the end of the month. Also, many far eastern phone manufactures are reading new phones for release in February and march.

But the world of technology never stops completely, new models mean discounts on last years phones, and exciting new models just around the corner. So for my first post of the year lets just run through some news concerning new smartphones in 2020.


With the Oneplus 7t being my best buy phone currently I am looking forward to what this Chinese company has to offer in the next few months. Due with us very soon is the Oneplus 8 series, consisting of the Oneplus 8 lite the Oneplus 8 and the Oneplus 8 pro. I will cover these phones in depth when they are released but Oneplus will release models with 90hz/120hz displays and 48MP/64MP cameras.

Oneplus phones feature outstanding displays and outstanding software so I hope these new phones will continue this trend, and I hope the new models will improve camera performance to new highs. If Oneplus can address the cameras on these new models, then the 8 series will once again be one of my best Buy phones.

With new models due soon we can also hope to get some heavy discounts on the 7t and 7t pro, discounted prices on these models will still offer outstanding phones at great prices and will remain recommended buys.


The growth of the Xiaomi brand appears unstoppable, the latest fingers make the Chinese manufacture the fourth largest smart phone brand in western Europe. Xiaomi has more incoming new models then I can mention here, but the 108MP camera used in the MI note 10 is due to make it into a number of new models. 90hz/120hz screens are promised and the continued roll out of 5G phones using the latest snap dragon chip sets are promised.

For those of use seeking a great value phone the K30 series is set spark our attention, due in a number of specifications this series of phones should offer 5G,120hz displays and 64MP cameras all for less then £350.

With so many new models due in the next 2 or 3 months we will have to keep our eyes on Xiaomi, its just a matter of time before they offer another phone to challenge the awesome value of the MI9t and the MI9t pro.


Just over a year ago Xiaomi released the Pocophone F1 in India, It took the snap dragon 845 ( at the time the fastest processor used in phones). The phone was hugely popular it its home market but spread across the globe when customers realized they could buy a flagship processor for less then £300. Although the cameras, display and build quality were not the best the fact that a top end processor could be purchased for half the price of any other phone made the F1 a monster seller.

Since then though XIAOMI has failed to release any update to the phone, even though the world has been waiting for the next model. Rumors even suggested that the F! was a one off, that XIAOMI was going to end the POCOPHONE name and redirect customers to the redmi brand.

But news in the last week has changed all that, POCOPHONE will be reborn as a separate brand from XIAOMI and will release 2 or 3 phones in 2020.

The first POCOPHONE set the phone world on fire by offering the fastest processor at a crazy price, will the new phones take the same route or will they offer more traditional phones. I hope with 3 phones due for release they offer a model with the fastest processor another with a 108MP camera and a model featuring a 120HZ display, each priced far below that of other phone brands.

This is one Brand I intended to keep my eye on in 2020.


News just in that POCO will release their first new phone in the next few months with a 120hz display and a 64MP camera. No news on the processor yet. Although it will be released as an exclusive for the Indian market lets hope that global versions are released soon.


the worlds most popular smart phone brands have phones slated for release in the near future. Apple at last appear to be releasing that its policy of continuously raising the cost of its phones is not a sustainable model, their is a limit to How much money Apple can squeeze out from its fans.

So this year we should see Apple release some cheaper phones to compete against the aggressively priced android phones on the market. Although its unlikely that any new Apple phones will be considered great value for money.

Rumors are that Samsung are going to release the s20 series, but how much of a step up from the s10 will it be, are Samsung going to continue with their current pricing or offer cheaper variants of the s20 series. More interesting then the s20 will be any new A series phones released this year. The series has offered the usual excellent Samsung quality with great features in a range of affordable phones, for those looking for a great buy the A series is currently Samsung go to range of mobiles.


With an excellent year of growth behind it the Realme brand will certainly start releasing 5G handsets this year, Maybe a 5G version of the brilliant x2 pro is on the cards for later this year. But Realme must spend some resources on its camera software, even though it produces one of the best range of value for money smart phones most models are let down by the performance of their cameras. Indeed, if the camera on the x2 pro had been better it would have been my phone of the year instead of the Oneplus 7t.


It looks like we have plenty of new phones on the way in the next few months. When new models are released most manufactures will try to off load stock of older models, prices on these “out-of-date phones” will fall and great deals will come on the market.

I have never been a slave to fashion but I have always looked for the best deal on the best handset, so if prices on some phones are reduced to clear stock then its time to find that discounted buy and upgrade your phone.

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