We all like a bargain, who does not want to save money on their next mobile phone. Looking to China to purchase your next phone is a great way to secure a heavy discount on a big brand, or find a fantastic top end phone not sold in your country at a crazy price.

Mobile phones from China will often carry heavy discounts when compared to western markets, the trick is finding these deals and understanding the purchasing process. Most people will fell very nervous when it comes to purchasing from a country like China, but if you find the right supplier and the right price it can be easier than you think.

Below I will layout the stages required to purchase your great value high spec mobile phone from China, I hope it will make the process less confusing and easy to understand.

Find your deal

Frankly leave this up to me, the aim of this website is to bring you the best deals I can on the hottest mobile phones. Let me spend the time searching for the deals. If there is a model of phone you are interested in just send a comment and I will search out a deal from you.

Remember the best deals are available on end of line products or those models that are sold outside of western markets. I will use a supplier only if I have used them myself in the past, I will only use supplier’s that I trust and feel safe in recommending to you.

When buying your new mobile please keep an open mind, there are many great brands out there that offer excellent value for money whose brand name you will be unfamiliar with. These brands are often simply trading names of larger manufactures that are well-known in western markets.

If you like a deal displayed on the website just click on it, you will then taken to the supplier’s web page and you can start the purchase process. Although you will be purchasing from this company, I will make a small commission on directing you to the deal. We all have to make a living…………

Shipping and Postage

After you have found your discounted mobile phone the process will involve you selecting the number required and method of shipping. All my supplier’s will offer you a number of shipping options, generally the cost of transport will depend on the length of time the phone will take to reach you. Average shipping time is 7 – 14 days.

Most of the companies I recommend will be based in Hong Kong but a few are also based in Shenzhen mainland China. All the major global shipping companies ( DHL,TNT,CHINA POST) are offered,.all you have to do is select your desired method of shipping and click.

All suppliers I use will offer you tracking codes, I recommend you use these codes to track your order as it allows you to be more confident in the purchase and shipping process.

Some suppliers will also offer a shipping insurance option, if you select this option you will be covered if your order is lost or damaged in transit. I will use this option if offered when purchasing, but it’s up to you whether this option is selected or not.

Local Taxes

When, you buy that shinny new mobile phone from China never forget about local taxes. The prices quoted at check out by the Chinese supplier’s will NOT include any local taxes payable in your country. Different countries operate different tax systems, some countries allow Chinese imports Tax free others charge a fixed percentage on the value of the package. If there are any taxes to pay it’s often the job of the shipping company to collect them, you will receive an invoice from the shipping company for the required tax fee.

Some times the Chinese supplier will ship the package as a low value package to avoid any taxes, this process is not guaranteed though as it’s still possible to be charged taxes on the product. I suggest you check out the value of tax charged in your country on Chinese imports and be prepared to pay it. If you are lucky the tax invoice will never drop through your letter box.

Strangely the best way to avoid import taxes, is to select a local Chinese delivery option when clicking on the list of delivery options when buying your phone. Although it will often take longer to arrive it seems these local shippers are less likely to check the contents of a package and charge import taxes on it. It isn’t guaranteed, but it has worked many times for me.

Even, if you do end up paying taxes on your new phone most deals will still offer heavy discounts over a locally purchased phone. Do your research and be prepared to pay the taxes, it’s a bonus if you don’t get charged.

Another way of avoiding tax is to purchase from a local warehouse in your region. In Europe any item shipped from a EU based warehouse can be shipped to any other EU country without import taxes. Although becoming more popular most Chinese companies still do not offer this option, but it is growing more popular as distribution method.

To reduce taxes try…..

  • Use a local Chinese shipping company ( china post etc) takes longer but less chance of import tax
  • use a local warehouse if possible (I will offer this option if available)

Paying for your new phone

Use a credit card if you can, It offers a level of purchase protection on your new phone ( check your card issuer for details). Never use a debit card or bank transfer, they offer little protection against fraud and failed orders.

I have used the supplier’s I will recommend many time over the years and I have not had any problems, so please do not be put off. Just be careful and understand the process, it’s not to differ cult and offers big rewards.

Delivery and 1st switch on

When you have received your new mobile phone take a few moments to unpack it. First check the box for damage then proceed to the unboxing stage, check all the contents are present and correct (make sure you have the correct power adapter for your country).

Only when you are happy everything is correct remove the phone and power it on, you may have to charge the phone now although most phones are shipped charged.you may be required to change the language of the phone and wait for over air updates.

Switch the phone off and install your networks sim card, turn the phone on again and wait. Shortly the phone should show the name of your network, You should be ready to use your new mobile phone.

If during the unpacking stage you encounter any problems please contact the supplier, they will advise you on any actions you need to take in order to solve the problem.

If I have missed anything or you have a question please drop a comment


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