Welcome to my new weekly round up of all the best deals on great brand mobile phones.

Moving forward from now on I intend to bring you this round up Mobile Phone discounts every single week, keeping you up to date with the best prices. The discounts on offer will either be simple price reductions, general price drops and coupon codes to use at check out for extra discounts.

Mobile phone discounts offered here will cover mostly the phones I have covered in post on this site, but if a deals presents its self on a phone i have not covered, I will still include it within this post

If you wish to take advantage of the deals and discounts than simply click on the link and follow it to the check out page ( remember to enter any coupon codes if required ).

Bonus news

two of the problems faced when importing mobiles from outside your own country are

  • Delivery delays ( often 7 – 14 days or more)
  • Import tariffs charged on the end price of many products ( their are ways to reduce the risk of this tax if you buy right)

I have teamed up with a supplier that offers a EU based warehouse and shipping on a select range of mobile phones, for those of us that live in the EU ( the UK still is at the moment ) we can enjoy rapid delivery and tariff free purchases. The range of phones is not large and the prices are higher than a direct import, but the advantages of a EU based warehouse will appeal to many of you I am sure.

Plus Phones shipped from the EU warehouse carry a 2-year warranty as standard

Xiaomi deals

Here are the best Xiaomi deals this week

MI 9T PRO 6GB/128GB model with 6.39 display use coupon code BG9TPEE at check out for a huge discount on this great smart phone

This deal drop the price of the MI 9T pro to less the £280


MI 9T 6gb/128gb model with 6.39 display, use coupon code BGN9TEE at check out for a huge discount on this smart phone model featuring the snap dragon 730 processor.

This deal drops the MI 9T down to less than £230

The Redmi note 8 EU version with 4gb/128gb storage and a 48MP camera and 6.3 inch screen, use coupon code BGN88EE at check out to get this great entry level phone at an amazing price.

The baby brother to the note 8 pro can be purchased for less than £150


The Redmi note 8 EU version with 4gb/64gb storage and a 48MP camera and 6.3 inch screen, use coupon code BGN86EE at check out to get this great entry level phone at an amazing price.

The lowest spec note 8 can be yours for less than £135

Lastly we have a deal on the Awesome MI note 10 global version with 108MP camera, one of the best camera phones on the market right now, use coupon code BGBFN10 at check out for an extra large discount until the end of December.

The discount coupon makes this market leading camera phone just over £350 for the rest of the month, a real top buy.


EU warehouse deals

Here are some great deals direct from the EU warehouse.

Once again the Xiaomi MI 9T pro with 6gb/128gb storage, 6.39 inch display plus rapid shipping and no tariffs within the EU. Priced at just £285 why buy from China.

The excellent Xiaomi Note 8 pro with its 64MP camera and 6.5 inch display. Priced at only £181 for the 6gb/64gb version.


The oneplus 7T pro 6.7 inch AMOLED display, snap dragon 855+ processor and 8gb/256gb top end flagship phone. Priced at only £540 from the EU warehouse.

thats not all folks GIZTOP that run the EU warehouse are offering an extra discount all their phones if you use coupon code BF20 when checking out, so don’t forget to use it and claim your extra money off

More crazy deals

If you like a phone with a large display nothing beats the Huawei 20 X with its huge 7.2 inch OLED screen, stereo speakers and 40MP main camera lens, discounted for a limited time to £323.

remember to use coupon code BF20 for an extra discount on this phone




So their we are, my selection of great deals this week. Please snap them up as many of these offers are very limited and will be gone in a few days.

If you order now delivery from China and Hong Kong is still possible before Christmas, so get your loved one or treat your self to a new few at great discounted prices.


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