Are you looking to purchase a new mobile phone, is your old phone broken, have you lost it or is it just time for a change. Like most people you will make your way to your local phone retailer, check out their range and listen to their sale s pitch before walking away with your shinny new phone.

I have always had a problem with this process

  • why are top end or flagship phones so expensive
  • why are cheaper entry level phones so basic
  • why do so many global mobile phone brands have no or limited presence in phone stores


We all like a deal, we all want to save a some of money. One way of doing this with mobile phones is to purchase your new mobile phone from the far east ( most often Hong Kong) , prices are often cheaper here and the range of models is far greater than your local phone store. So let me show you how to purchase discount mobile phones at great prices.

Sourcing your new mobile phone

There are many Hong Kong or Chinese based companies that are happy to sell you mobile phones, many brands offered are cheap, under powered poorly designed models. But they also sell products from such great brands as Samsung, Huawei, Oneplus, Apple and Xiaomi.

Over the last few years I have purchased discount mobile phones for friends, customers and myself from a number of these suppliers, and found many to offer a quality service as long as you know what to expect. I hope to use this site to bring you the best deals on the latest phones each week so you can simply click and order without spending hours searching for the best deals.

My focus will mostly be on Android phones as Apple maintain tight control of their prices across the globe, but if a deal presents its self I will pass it on to you. When I come across a great deal I will place it here on this website, the deals will have affiliate links or drop ship links to provide me with an income. Without this income I will not be able to continue my work here at

Global specification mobile phones

When purchasing a Mobile Phone their is one rule I always follow, its the first rule and I don’t break it. Always buy phones with Global or International ROMs. These phones are designed to work outside of China and feature extra features, more languages and full google services ( like google play) and an International warranty. If you purchase a phone with non global ROMs the only language options are often Chinese and English, and they often lack google services and feature Chinese bloatware.

It has also become popular for phones sold in China and India to feature on screen advertisements (increases the manufactures profits) . A global or International ROMs will have this function removed or at worse have an “off” setting in the menus. Also, global phones will receive software updates designed for the international market not just the Chinese and Indian market.

Although most great value discount mobile phones are sourced from china or Hong Kong the Indian market is an Interesting market for the discount hunter. India is a vast market, far larger than Europe or the USA many Global and Chinese manufacturers have released special models just for the Indian market at low low prices, these phones are often very well specified for the discounted prices. A number of Chinese manufactures have even launched brands just in the Indian market, Xiaomi with Redmi and Oppo with Realme, both brands offer great phones at low prices.

Cheap flagship phones

Here in the UK the cost of the high end “Flagship” phones are reaching towards the £1000 point. I like a “Flagship” phone as much as the next person but their is no way I am going to pay that sort of money on something that I will change in a year or so. Part of the attraction of purchasing from the Far east is the prospect of “Flagship” technology at half the price massive savings on the latest technology.

I believe the best example of the discount “flagship” mobile phone is currently the MI 9 from Xiaomi, a fantastic phone with a world glass camera and display for half the price of a western “Flagship” model , and its obtainable with an international or Global ROMs. Another Option is the Xiaomi MI 9T pro, a fantastic phone with a great price, available with a Global ROMs.

Quality Budget Mobile Phones

Not everyone wants to spend £100s on the latest phone , you may only want a great value phone for a few hundred pounds or dollars. Purchasing from the Far east offers you this option, cheap phones at my local mobile phone retailer are often dull, uninspiring and using three year old technology. The screens are small, the camera is poor or the processor is out-of-date. Although Chinese manufactures produce many cheap, poor quality phones some models offer excellent quality and high specification for the money. Phones such as the Xiaomi Note series and the realme 3 pro offer outstanding technology for their low price.

Just revealed in the last few days in China, the Xiaomi Note 8 series will redefine what a cheap mobile phone can offer with a fantastic 64mp camera, large IPS display and latest processor. When global versions of this phone are released it will sell in huge numbers to international customers as well as Chinese consumers

Save money and have some fun

We all want to save some money and bag a discount on a mobile phone but the best some I find is when a Friend or Family member asks you what phone you are using, “oh its a Xiaomi Mi 9” you answer “its a twice as good as yours and costs half as much”, oh happy days.

Finding the right prices and the best suppliers is not easy it takes hours of searching to find the latest deals on the best models. So why not let me do the work for you, let me bring you the best discounts on mobile phones from around the world and allow me to keep you up date with the latest models worth purchasing

You may want a “flagship” killer or a quality budget phone or a discount on a well-known popular model, just keep an eye on this site and I will do the work so you don’t have to.



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