Moving forward I need to set some ground rules for myself, if I don’t my posts and content on this website will become rambling and full of needless and random information. We are all here to search of discount prices on great mobile phones, not to read my rants on the strange and mystical way the global mobile market works.

I intend to divide the mobile market into 3 segments Flagship, medium and budget. Although we all aspire to own the best flagship phones on the market in reality most of us can live quite happily with a budget or medium range phone, just like the desktop PC market modern mobile phones are far more powerful than many of us require for everyday tasks. My true goal here though is to bring you the flagship killer phones, Top end phones selling at low end prices. These mobile phones offer great value and high features, but believe me in many global markets you will not simply walk into your local mobile store and find them.

To begin I will only be covering Android mobile phones, due to the near endless different brands and specification their are always great discounts to found. I will add coverage of Apple mobiles at a later date due to tighter price control globally and Apples almost iron grip on their own market, good discounts are hard to find.

Budget phones

In your local mobile phone store a budget phone will be an uninspiring lump of plastic that is light of features and all about price. But if we look to the far east or the Indian market we find budget mobiles offering great cameras, screens and fast processors. Many of these phones never make it western markets which is a shame as many of these models offer more than enough features and technology for the average user.

In order to offer feature packed budget phones manufactures will cut corners on at least one important area of a phones design. They may offer a great display and camera but an under powered processor or a poor display, great camera and powerful processor. But if you keep an open mind and follow my upcoming recommendations we can find you the perfect budget mobile phone.

Flagship Phones

the last few years the cost of top end or Flagship mobiles have increased, many top models are now beyond the pockets of most users. These phones are aimed mostly at those that will always spend their hard-earned cash on the latest technology, many don’t need the features being offered but simply desire the latest products on the market.

Most of us do not need or require the technology offered by these high end flagship phones, but luckily for us if we search hard enough great deals can be found on these wallet busting monsters. Indeed, if you keep an open mind and look beyond the normal sales channels and manufactures great discounts are available.

Remember manufactures need us to keep buying phones, so ever year like clock work they release updated models with the latest features to entice us into a new purchase. While they have stocks remaining of old models they will heavily discount them to clear stock, this is when we find great deals on phones only a few weeks ago where top end flagships.

Mid range phones

this is the most interesting segment of phone market. To me their is no mid range, all phones in this segment should be top end phones reduced to prices we can all aspire to. Mid range phones should be flagship phones with lower prices, within the mobile phone market they are often called flagship killers.

These flagship killers should offer all the best technology at prices much lower than the latest flagships are selling for. You must keep an open mind though, many of these flagship killers never appear in the western markets but sell millions in the far east or India.

their are two types of flagship killer phones

  1. Flagship phones that are heavily discounted, maybe end of line or over stock sale
  2. flagship phones from less known manufactures that need to sell at lower prices to sell against the major brands

The Flagship killer

A flagship killer is a mobile phone that packs the latest technology at a price that won’t break the bank, a phone that offers every thing you need at discount price. An example of the flagship killer is the Pocofone F1, a mobile that packed a top end processor with a large quality IPS display into a rock bottom price. Although the F1 lacked in the camera department on release the option of loading googles own camera software onto the phone allowed the phone to almost match the Pixel 3a for camera quality. With this in mind the F1 became a hit selling millions around the world, it has become a cult classic. Sadly the F! was not sold globally and few buyers in the west are even aware of its existence, although a few western markets are starting to see stocks online.

In order to be a good flagship killer a mobile phone needs to excel in at least four of the below features…

  1. Great camera, at least triple lens
  2. quality display, most likely AMOLED
  3. Top end processor, snapdragon 700 or 800 series
  4. good battery life
  5. low or discounted price
  6. quality build and materials


Although I hope to bring you great deals across the whole spectrum of mobile phone models, I believe the most interesting phones lie in the flagship killer segment of the market. The promise of great technology and features at discount prices are a seductive mix, we all want the best tech at the lowest prices.

But please keep an open mind, many of the brands that offer flagship killers are lesser known or indeed unknown manufactures in western markets. They lack the brand name to sell at inflated prices and must offer great value to compete against the giant global brands.

And if we find any of these Global brands at discounted prices, jump on the deal it maybe gone tomorrow…….


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