Chinese mobile phone brand Realme (a sub brand of Oppo) is well-known for its great value products. In the last year the brand has sold millions of units in its home markets of China and India, although it has little presence in western markets. This changed in the summer when Realme released selected phone’s to western customers, the range was limited and many models have not made it to consumers in the west.

On the 15th of October the brand will release a model called the x2 pro, and the release will be global with the new phone for sale in China, India and western markets.

What makes this model so exciting is the Specification and the possibility of a market leading price on a flagship busting product. If you are currently about to purchase a new phone I suggest you delay until the Realme x2 pro is released, it could be a game changer if the price is right.

Speed machine

the Realme x2 pro will use a snapdragon 855+ processor, currently the fastest chip on the market. This processor will firmly place the phone in flagship territory, offering more then enough performance for the average user.

This blistering performance will be backed up with plenty of memory, rumored specification hints that the phone will pack 12gb with 256gb of storage in its top model ( sadly no expandable internal memory).

If these specifications are correct the Realme x2 pro will offer speedy and fluid operation even with multiply apps running, and a silky smooth operation.

The camera

The Realme x2 pro will offer a Quad camera layout featuring a 64MP camera, a world first for any phone. It will also feature a dedicated zoom lens offering (it is rumored a hybrid 20 times zoom) a macro lens and wide angle camera. Although the performance of any camera is based on the software if these specifications are correct the Realme x2 pro should offer the best camera experience in its class.

With this camera layout and the snapdragon 855+ processor the x2 pro should offer great video recording. It will offer 4k recording with image stabilization ( maybe at 30 fps), and super slow motion recording for those water shots.

With no option for extending the phone’s memory, spending extra on the largest internal storage models seems sensible as picture and video files on this phone will be very large and storage will soon fill up. It is also hoped but not confirmed that the phone will offer HDR, to improve the quality of images and videos.

The display

With the specification above most budget manufactures would now start cutting corners to keep the price low, but Realme has decided to keep the top end technology coming. Next up we have a 6.53 inch Amoled display, this type of display offers punchy colours and very high contrast levels allowing for a great looking display even in sun light.

It’s here that the Realme x2 pro starts to stand out. Any Flagship killer that offers an Amoled display is packing a punch but here the display offers a 90hz fresh rate. It needs to be said that many top end full price phone’s do not offer a 90hz display, this is a real top end feature. A 90hz display will offer a more fluid operation, a reduction in screen flicker and blur when swiping through your apps.

Media Performance

it is reported that the Realme x2 pro will offer twin stereo speakers and high quality audio via headphones. Although it is still not known if the phone will offer a headphone socket or a dreadful USB type c adapter ( we hope a headphone socket). It is also rumored that the phone will offer Dolby Atmos to enhance the mobile’s audio performance, but this will be revealed on October the 15th.

The phone should ship with the latest version of Android, and offer updates on a regular basis. I also hope it offers full 1080p access to Amazon TV and YouTube, not all Chinese mobile’s offer this, even top end products.

Update, it is now rumored that the x2 pro will feature a headphone socket and microsd memory card support.

Battery and Charging

Realme Claim that the x2 Pro will offer the fastest charging of any phone sold in Europe, this remains to be seen but if the price is right and it offers rapid charging this phone will be a true value for money monster.

The battery will be 4000mAh, about average for a Flagship phone. There will be no wireless charging but Vocc fast charge will be supported.


If 80% of the above specification is correct and the price is ultra competitive ( Realme phone’s usually are ) this is a phone not to be ignored. In fact it could set the bench mark for months and years to come for value for money. Of course, it needs to avoid the pitfalls others have made, great technology and price but poor software and performance (looking at you lenvo).

If Realme can deliver on all the above specification and get the price right, then you should consider this phone when you purchase. At a price point less the £400 or equivalent in your currancy the Realme x2 pro will be the Best Flagship killer on the market, offering ultra-high specification with a great price.

When the x2 pro in released it will be available in Europe and maybe North America (this is yet to be confirmed). Realme operate a European based online store, and it remains to be seen if a Chinese purchased version of this phone will offer any discount over a European purchase. From my experience if a Chinese brand offers a phone model to western consumers directly prices on entry level specification are similar, but if you wish to purchase the top end specification (256gb model) sourcing the phone from the far east can still offer a discount.

Should we buy it or not ?

Let’s wait and see on October 15th


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