Not looking for the latest mobile phone, but you want some of the latest spec. You want a great phone but need to keep the cost down, but still want a phone with a good display and camera. Let’s be honest if you are on a tight budget then you will end up having to make compromises, the flagship phone is most likely not an option.

So what is the best low cost smartphone, can you still have a decent display, battery life and camera without breaking the bank. Any manufacture that operates in this market will cut corners in the design and spec of it’s phone models, but what brands squeeze the best spec into their low cost phones.

Lucky for us their are a number of Chinese brands that operate in this segment of the market (most non-Chinese brands avoid this market), if you are new to the smartphone market then a number of these low cost brands will be unknown to you. Brands such as Realme.Redme, Honor,elephone and Umidigi ( I know their are many others).

One brand that has been very active over the last few months releasing 2 great value mobile phones is the Chinese brand Umidigi.

Who are Umidigi ?

like many manufactures operating in the budget segment of the market Umidigi is not a large company, but has produced a range of low cost mobile phones for the last 8 years. During this time their design and quality has improved while still offering budget phones at great prices.

Unlike many larger Chinese manufactures all Umidigi phones are designed for global sales across all markets, no waiting for the release of global ROM versions. Although not offering the very latest spec Umidigi phones offer great technology for the average user, not all of us require the latest camera and Display technology.

To celebrate it’s 8 years in business the manufacture has recently released 2 phones that take the fight of the best budget mobile phone to the other brands on the market. These phones are the umidigi X and the Umidigi F2. Both models should be on your list if you are looking for a low cost phone with great spec.

Umidigi X

In order to offer a phone with the spec of the Umidigi at a budget price a few corners have been cut, in the case of this phone it’s the use of Helios processors (P60). These processors are much cheaper to build your phone around then the more common snapdragon processors, but surprisingly they still offer a very good performance for their price, indeed the average smartphone user will find performance to be fine for everyday use. Only those Game, multitask or edit photos on their phone will find these processors to be lacking in performance.

The display is Amoled (6.53″, 720 by 1548) offering great colours and excellent contrast and brightness, very usable outside on a bright day. There is only a mono speaker but a headphone socket is included for those that like music on the go, their is also the latest Bluetooth standard for those that like to go wireless.

We have a finger print scanner for security. And a great camera setup featuring a 48MP main sensor, 8MP ultra wide,2MP depth sensor and a 16MP front camera for selfies. It also packs 4gb of RAM and 128gb of internal storage, you can also add extra internal storage up to 128gb on a SD card.

The phone also offers a 4150mah battery, USB type C connector and 18w fast charging feature. Android 9 is offered Gorilla glass 4 covering.

you can currently purchase the X global model for only £142.89, just click on this link

Umidigi F2

Currently just released is the F2, a follow up to the popular F1 smartphone. Unlike the X the F2 ships with a IPS LCD screen (6.53″ , 1080 by 2340) and not an Amoled but it offers a high resolution. The F2 ships with the latest Helios processor (P70) which offers a performance boost over the model offered in the X.

The F2 also includes 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Like the X model above the F2 also offers extra storage via a SD card slot. A finger print scanner is included, but unlike the X above it is on the side of the phone and not under the screen.

Unlike the X this model offer a quad camera setup, 48MP min camera,13MP ultra wide,5MP depth camera and a 5MP macro sensor. The front camera is a 32MP unit that offers face recognition technology for the first time in a UMIdigi phone.

We also have a 5110mah battery with 18w quick charging, Android 10,USB type C connector and a headphone socket. Unlike the X model above the F2 also offers NFC, allowing Android pay.

you can purchase this phone for the low price of £158.77 , just click on this link


Both of these phones offer great spec at any price, but currently both models can be purchased for £200 or less. Although the X is shipping now the F2 is in pre-order stage and will start shipping very soon.

When you check the spec of these 2 phones against any other models around this price the UmIDigi models win hands down.

I should admit here that I have owned Umidigi phones in the past ( I always like a bargain ), and I have the F2 on back order and am awaiting delivery.

click here to buy the F2 for only £158.77 

click here to buy the X global model for only £142.89


When placed side by side it looks as if the new F2 model offers the best spec, but it should be noted the X model has an Amoled screen while the F2 processes a IPS LCD display. LCD displays are much cheaper than Amoled equivalents and due to lower brightness levels often struggle outdoors on bright or sunny days, also Amoled screens of better blacks and bolder colours.

Also, the X model offers an under screen or in-display finger print reader, the F2 model has the sensor or the side of the phone. The design style of modern phones leans strongly towards under screen sensor layout so maybe the side sensor is not your cup of tea.

One problem with smaller brands is the quality of camera software offered, in the past Umidigi has struggled to offer good software to match it’s cameras. I hope that this current crop of phones will correct this issue as they both pack quality camera setups.

If you are looking to spend £200 on a phone I think you should check out Umidigi`s offerings, they offer so much value for money, can you really go wrong.


please comment if you have any opinions on Umidigi phones

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