I have to admit of all the features offered in today s smart phone’s the most important to me is the camera. A few years ago I would carry my trusty SLR camera and my phone where ever I went, but I like to travel light so combining a high quality camera and phone into one compact package is a must.

I also love a deal and the best camera smart phone’s are often expensive and classed as top end flagship models. When a model is released that is priced at half the cost of other top end camera phone’s, and offers a market leading camera setup we may have found the best android camera phone on the market.

Currently the title of the best android camera phone is held by the Huawei mate P30 (latest model) but due to the lack of google apps shipping on this phone ( it’s all to do with US/Chinese trade wars ) and it’s lack of availability in most western markets, it’s hard to recommend this phone to the normal user. The Huawe mate P30 also boasts a high price tag £800 upwards in uk currency if you can find it, most models for sale are the older model P30 without the round camera setup.

The title of the best android camera phone has to go to the new Xiaomi Mi Note 10, with it’s huge 108MP main camera sensor this phone has been designed to offer an industry leading camera. Xiaomi has also priced the phone at a much lower price than Huawei and other camera phone brands, the MI Note 10 can be bought for less than £500.

the camera

The Xiaomi Mi Note 10 heralds in a new era in camera phone’s due to it’s five camera layout.

  • 108MP ultra-high resolution camera
  • 5MP telephoto camera, 50 times digital zoom
  • 12MP portrait camera
  • 20MP ultra wide-angle camera
  • 2MP macro camera
  • The phone also features a 32MP ultra-high resolution selfie camera

When set at maximum resolution from within the phone’s software an image produced by the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is 12032 by 9024 or 12 times higher than a 4k image, this size of image allows for near lossless digital zoom up to 50 times. In the real world due to the size of image files produced by this camera sensor and the storage taken up within the phone’s memory, a user can happily reduce the camera’s resolution (and save storage space ) from within the phone’s software and still take great photos.

So good are the camera’s on this phone that DX0mark the smart phone comparison site ( leading site for camera phone testing) placed the Mi Note 10 (or cc9 pro in certain markets) on 121 points, the same score as the market leading Huawei mate 30 pro. Although the 2 phone’s scored the same it should be noted the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 scored higher for video and slightly less for image quality, but remember the MI note 10 is £300 – £400 cheaper than the Huawei flagship phone.

the display

Huawei has packed their phone with all the latest 6.62 inch OLED display with 1080*2340 resolution and 398ppi, the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a 6.47 inch AMOLED curved display with a resolution of 1080*2340 and 396ppi. For your average phone user their is very little between these displays, both offer vivid and bright colours under all light conditions.

When placed side by side the Huawei display is slightly better but in no way is it worth the extra £300-£400 you can save purchasing the Xiaomi.

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Battery and charging

When it comes to the battery their is can be only one winner here, the Huawei is fitted with a 4200 mAh battery the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 has a much larger capacity 5260 mAh battery. The Xiaomi phone will be still working long after the Huawei is placed on charge.

The Xiaomi features 30w charging while the Huawei packs 40w charging and 27w wireless charging. it’s here we see the difference between the 2 phone’s the Huawei offers faster charging and more charging options than the Xiaomi, remember though the Xiaomi needs less charging than the Huawei due to it’s bigger battery.

I think maybe we can call it a draw here with both devices offering either a large battery or better charging options depending on your preference.

Processor and memory

With the Mi Note 10 Xiaomi decided to keep the cost much lower than other market leading camera phone’s. In order to keep the price down the Chinese company had to make cuts somewhere in the design of the phone so they did not fit the phone with the latest snapdragon processor, instead electing to use the snapdragon 730G.

On paper this sounds like a bad idea after all the Huawei packs the their latest top end Kirin 990 processor. The truth is the snap dragon 730G is a fine processor and provides all the grunt this phone really needs, it handles the huge images produced by the 108MP camera and it multitasks apps with easy. A gamer may find the processor restricts some games from running at maximum detail and editing some large camera files can be slow, but for the average every day user the 730G is a fine processor that produces little or no bottle necks in operation.

Again to keep prices low Xiaomi has fitted the Mi note 10 with 6gb of memory and 128gb of on board storage, the Huawei phone packs 8gb memory and 256gb of storage.

On paper the Huawei wins in both storage and processor speed but remember the Xiaomi is much cheaper and offers good performance even with lower specifications.


the Huawei ships without any google software, if you are an experienced android user their are ways to work around the US goverments ban on Huawei. But if like your products to work out of the box this is a big problem for the brand, currently Huawei are limiting the sales of the phone to mostly far eastern countries. Models for sale in most western countries are not official versions and will lack any google software installed.

The Xiaomi brand is not currently restricted from using google software, and ships with all the software you expect on an Android phone. Unbox the MI note 10 and it will work as expected within seconds on initial setup, the phone uses Xiaomi`s latest MIUI 11 skin operating over Android 10

For the average user the lack of software on the Huawei is a major problem and the Xiaomi phone wins big here.


I could go on but it is clear to me that although the Huawei phone is technically a better phone than the Mi note 10 the difference in price, lack of google software and availability problems stop it being the absolute best buy camera phone.

The Mi note 10 may not be a “better” phone than the Huawei but it matches it in camera quality while saving us serious money on the purchase price.

We like a deal here on discountmobilephones.com and the Xiaomi MI note 10 is great value for money, the best camera for less than it’s competitors, just what we want a good deal.

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