Hello friends and welcome to my website. If you live in the western world I guarantee you that many of the worlds best mobile phones are not available to you, they are mostly sold in the Chinese and Indian market. Using this website I Hope to bring you the latest news on these models and the option of purchasing some great value for money mobiles.


My name is Kevin and I have been in the technology business for twenty-five years, for the last six years I have managed a family owned electrical retail business in the UK. Like many people when I required a new mobile I purchased one on contract from one of the usual suspects Samsung, Apple, Nokia etc. I soon learnt though that many of the highest specification phones in the world where sold exclusively in the Chinese or increasingly the Indian market. Not only are these phones high spec but they offer value for money not often seen in western markets.

So I ditched the usual UK mobile phone market and purchased my first mobile from china, the spec was high and the price was much lower than models sold in the UK. After it arrived ( two weeks later) I used it every day for three years, and for its price surpassed my expectations. Since then, I have bought many mobiles this way for friends, family and myself. With the passage of time many of these Chinese Manufactures now sell the phones directly to western markets using their own sites and amazon but these are often end of line models, the newest models can take months if ever to reach western customers.


I honestly believe that here in the UK and many western markets we are missing out on great value and High specification mobile phones. I would like this website to be your source of news and deals on Great Chinese and Indian mobile Phones giving you more choice and better value for your money.

So using the experience I have built up over the years I would like to guide you through the process of purchasing your brand new HiTech phone from the far east at prices you will not believe. I would like many more of you to ditch the expensive brands in your local mobile phone store and experience some great mobiles from China and India.


My goal on this site is to offer

THE LATEST NEWS, I will keep you up to date with the latest mobile phone models being released in the Chinese and Indian market

MODEL REVIEWS, the latest reviews on selected quality mobile phones

HOW TO BUY, if you wish to purchase a mobile I will supply links and hints on the best models to spend your money on.

I will also let you in on the secrets and tips I have learnt over the years when purchasing mobile from China and India, including one very important rule to follow. And if you ever need any advice or help just drop me an email on the address below.




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