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  • Mobile phones from China, how to buy

    We all like a bargain, who does not want to save money on their next mobile phone. Looking to China to purchase your next phone is a great way to secure a heavy discount on a big brand, or find a fantastic top end phone not sold in your country at a crazy price. Mobile…

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    Chinese mobile phone brand Realme (a sub brand of Oppo) is well-known for its great value products. In the last year the brand has sold millions of units in its home markets of China and India, although it has little presence in western markets. This changed in the summer when Realme released selected phone’s to…

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  • Flagship or budget

    Moving forward I need to set some ground rules for myself, if I don’t my posts and content on this website will become rambling and full of needless and random information. We are all here to search of discount prices on great mobile phones, not to read my rants on the strange and mystical way…

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  • How to purchase discount mobile phones

    Are you looking to purchase a new mobile phone, is your old phone broken, have you lost it or is it just time for a change. Like most people you will make your way to your local phone retailer, check out their range and listen to their sale s pitch before walking away with your…

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  • About me

    Hello friends and welcome to my website. If you live in the western world I guarantee you that many of the worlds best mobile phones are not available to you, they are mostly sold in the Chinese and Indian market. Using this website I Hope to bring you the latest news on these models and…

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